All coaching sessions are conducted by phone. For more information, or to schedule a session, please email Abby at

Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions is a 6 or 12-week program that dives deeply into the heart of transformation. This program is perfect for the person who feels stuck or frozen in some area of their life and is ready to make heart-centered shifts. The program consists of weekly 45-minute coaching calls (6 or 12 weeks), a weekly audio recording to help you along your path of soul excavation (this may include tarot, energy work, pranayama, meditation, and other healing modalities and spiritual practices), and email support for the duration of the program. For more information, or to schedule, please email Abby at

Price: $480 for 6-week program, $960 for 12 week program. Payment plans available upon request.

Empowered Tarot + Coaching

Tarot is an energetic exchange that offers invitations and clarity on how to navigate the forces at play in your life by shedding light and providing clarity on your current circumstances and how you're relating to them. It empowers you to take action for your highest and best good. In this unique offering, Abby will meet with you for two 25-minute coaching calls and provide you with an audio recording of your tarot reading. The first coaching call explores the dynamics at play in your life and establishes a base for the tarot reading, which will be sent by email after the first call. The second call provides further support and coaching on how to integrate the energetic invitations of the tarot reading. For more information, or to schedule, please email Abby at

Price: $160

Empowered Coaching

Abby's coaching sessions are an eclectic blend of healing, soul support, inquiry and clearing. Expect to be cracked open during these sessions. In this offering, you will receive deep healing and support for your heart and emotional body. Sessions may include support for understanding your energy and how to better navigate the energies in your life and environment with greater ease, help elevating your frequency and reaching higher perspectives, and support for people who feel stuck in life, frozen by fear, or unable to move forward. Abby will walk hand-in-hand with you as you explore the realms of your unique gifts, shine light on your fears, befriend your shadow parts, and wrap yourself more fully with the loving balm of self-acceptance and self-love. This offering is suited for anyone wanting to make a change in their life and find more fulfillment. Abby also provides guidance and support for people learning how to embrace their empath gifts and sensitivities.

Coaching is typically offered in packages of 4-12 sessions ($50 for 30 minutes / $75 for 45 minutes). For more information please email Abby at

Empowered Tarot Email Reading

This offering provides insight into any area of your life you want clarity on. Recommendations will be provided for how to make soul-aligned shifts through the energetic opportunities available to you. The tarot reading will be recorded and sent to you by email. For more information, please email Abby at

Price: $65